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Low Intensity Infrared Space Heating


Infrared heating works like the sun. It heats objects rather than the air, so occupants feel comfortable even though the air temperature may be 5-10 degrees cooler. That lower air temperature saves on your energy costs.

Infrared is especially well-suited to tall spaces, since it heats the floor and reduces the stratification of warm air at ceilings. It also works well in drafty buildings or those with large areas of glass, where hydronic and forced-air heating may be impractical.

Infrared heating is especially well-suited to warehouses, shop spaces and garages. Unlike forced-air systems, moving air isn’t needed to distribute heat, so infrared heating doesn’t kick up dust and dirt.

Infrared tube heaters pump combustion gases through steel alloy tubes. The high temperature of the tube faces, combined with polished reflectors, direct radiant heat to the objects below. The long lengths of tube evenly heat large floor areas.

Sealed combustion tube heaters, that use outside air for combustion, should be specified where dust and dirt may reduce system performance.

Since infrared heat travels only in straight lines, objects should be positioned to assure even exposure to the infrared waves. Stored materials should be stacked so they don’t block the line-of-sight “view” of infrared heating units. Check the manufacturer’s literature for required clearances from combustibles.

Reducing air leakage through the building envelope will reduce the heating load and increase the effectiveness of radiant heating. The polished reflector surfaces should be cleaned regularly to maximize heat transfer.

Energy savings will vary from one application to the next. Savings will depend on your present equipment and the way it’s used. Your savings will also depend on how well the new equipment is selected, configured, operated and maintained.

The cost of operating space heating equipment is many times the original purchase price. So the additional price of a higher-efficiency unit is an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

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