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Dropped Ceiling Insulation
Benefits of Ceiling Insulation
Drop Ceiling Insulation

Benefits of Ceiling Insulation
Insulating ceilings is one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency measures. In addition to reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gains in the summer, ceiling insulation improves comfort by bringing ceiling temperatures closer to room temperatures and providing an even temperature distribution through out the building. When planning and managing ceiling insulation projects, make sure of these factors:

  • The ceiling is properly sealed.
  • Correct insulation levels are selected.
  • Insulation is properly installed.
  • Insulation coverage is continuous and complete.
  • Attic ventilation is maintained.
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It is often cost-effective to add insulation above a dropped ceiling. Batt insulation can be rolled out above a dropped acoustic tile ceiling or plaster ceiling, provided that the strength of the ceiling is first verified. Alternatively, standard ceiling tiles can be replaced with insulated tiles. To prevent moisture build-up when adding to existing insulation, do not add an additional vapor barrier.

Be careful not to interfere with your building’s current design, which may utilize the space above a dropped ceiling for air handling or fire protection. Proper installation is important when installing batt insulation. Installing it is relatively easy; however, leaving gaps between batts will drastically reduce the effectiveness of insulation. Obtain cost estimates from several contractors for a stated R-value, insulation type, thickness, and installation procedures.


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