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Air Infiltration Barriers
dockseal.jpg (5418 bytes) Garage or warehouse doors are often open for extended periods of time while trucks are loaded and unloaded. During this time, conditioned air escapes from the building. Air infiltration barriers, such as loading-dock door seals, fold around the open truck bay. They greatly reduce the amount of escaping air, thereby saving energy and improving employee comfort. The savings can be greater than you might think. Cooling costs can also be reduced in air conditioned or refrigerated spaces.

When installing loading dock seals, take the opportunity to check for and seal cracks and small holes on the doors themselves. Vinyl strip doorways and motorized air curtains also provide thermal barriers for exterior doors, as well as interior openings between conditioned and unconditioned spaces. Energy savings payback time can be less than a year on dock seals. For longer lasting dock seals, look for new high-performance vinyl with abrasion resistance designed to withstand years of wear. Many manufacturers include easy-to-follow, step-by-step installation instructions and drawings so your company personnel can install the dock seals. Professional installers are also available.


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