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Exit Lights
Exit SignBuildings typically use incandescent lamps in their exit signs. Incandescent exit signs typically use two 20-watt lamps. While the wattage is not very high, these fixtures are on 24 hours a day. You can replace these incandescent signs with more energy-efficient alternatives, such as compact fluorescent lamps, light-emitting diode (LED) units, or electroluminescent (EL) signs. Retrofit kits with either two 7-watt fluorescent lamps or a 2-watt LED unit produce light equivalent to the incandescent lamps. While LED lights are initially more expensive, they can last up to 80 years, reducing inventory and maintenance costs. Compact fluorescent retrofit kits cost roughly $25 each. Although their initial cost is greater, LED and EL signs generate even greater operating savings.

The EPA maintains a list of ENERGY STARŪ labeled exit signs. Note: Check with local building codes for accepted emergency exit sign luminance and retrofit services. As always, a detailed lighting audit can more accurately estimate costs and savings.


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