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Restaurant broilers normally cook only 40-50% of the time, but are turned on before operations begin and remain on all day. During "stand-by" periods the broiler, kitchen and personnel overheat. And the wasted stand-by heat reduces energy efficiency by 25-30%.

A broiler control system has been developed to improve product and reduce scorching and heat in the kitchen while reducing operating costs. It does this by cutting back the gas flow 50% during stand-by times with a solenoid valve and adjustable cook time cycle. The system has been recognized by the Department of Energy as one of the most efficient energy systems available today. Only 1.6% of 45,000 devices received this honor. It also has an AGA and UL rating.

This system, called Broil-Master, is now being made available and has been purchased by many chains in the United States and Canada. The oldest operating unit has accumulated 22,000 stand-by hours over an 18-year period and has never had a service call.

The System will provide the following benefits:
  • More consistent temperatures improve quality.
  • The system reduces expensive parts "burn-out".
  • Temperatures will not rise into the "scorch" zone.
  • There will be positive cash flow in first month with a lease.
  • Cooking is automated with a touch of a button.
  • The system is simple and easy to use.
  • The system is durable, fused and installs quickly.

Installs on:
  • All char broilers (underfired)
  • All upright broilers (overfired)
  • Most cheese melters
  • Ranges with "hot tops"
  • Griddles with gas overarms

Can be modified for chain drives.

In addition to improving quality of product and reducing broiler maintenance costs, you'll save on natural gas. You can use the following chart to estimate the gas savings of using the Broil-Master. (This chart assumes 15,000 BTU/Burner, 90 hours of operation per week, 50% stand-by, gas costs of $.495 per therm, and installation costs of $100.)

# of Burners Annual Savings Payback Period
4 $350 29 months
6 $496 21 months
8 $662 15 months
10 $827 12 months
12 $983 12 months

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