For Your Home

ENERGY STARŪ homes are among the most energy-efficient homes on the market today. An ENERGY STARŪ home is constructed to use at least 30% less energy than a typical new home. That energy savings means significant dollar savings on your utility bills each month, enough dollar savings to make the ENERGY STARŪ Home a smart and profitable choice for any new homebuyer. In addition to assisting new homebuilders in developing energy-efficient homes, it also identifies financing opportunities for new homebuyers.

Aside from saving money, here are five more reasons that make the ENERGY STARŪ Home a smart and profitable purchase: improved comfort, quality construction, improved air quality, strong position for high resale value, and a better environment. Furthermore, American household energy use contributes to air pollution, including 20% of all U.S. carbon dioxide emissions. ENERGY STARŪ Homes help reduce this pollution.


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