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Horizontal-Axis Washing Machines
The way we do laundry has changed over the past few years due to the market premiere of the energy-efficient and water saving clothes washer—the horizontal-axis washer. Most American homes currently use the conventional vertical-axis washing machine that uses a circulating agitator that churns and scrubs clothes clean. For proper cleaning, the water level in the tub must reach the level of the clothes. One full load of laundry in a vertical-axis uses approximately 40 gallons of water. By switching to a horizontal-axis washer, a typical household can save significant amounts of energy, water, and money. Horizontal-axis machines only need to be partially filled, consuming only one-third of the water that a typical vertical-axis washer uses.

H-Axis Washer

These energy-efficient washers rotate on a horizontal-axis tumbling the clothes gently in and out of water. This tumbling action actually extends the life of the clothing by making them look neater for a longer period of time. The key is the absence of the agitator whose churning action tangles and twists the laundry causing more wear and tear on the clothing. In addition, studies have found that the horizontal-axis washer cleans clothes better since more detergent is rinsed from the clothing.

When it is time to buy a new washing machine, there are two price tags to consider: the purchase price of the appliance and the operating cost of the appliance over its lifetime. Currently, horizontal-axis washing machines are more expensive to purchase than vertical-axis washers. However, the savings you'll enjoy with lower operating costs can pay for the added expense of the energy-efficient washer in as little as three years, depending on the make and model you choose.

Several horizontal-axis washers available on the market today are ENERGY STAR® certified and carry the ENERGY STAR® logo—the symbol of energy-efficiency. ENERGY STAR® washing machines use less energy than other washers, saving you money on your utility bills, and helping you protect the environment. If you see the ENERGY STAR® logo, you have the confidence of knowing that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved the washer you are about to purchase.

As horizontal-axis washers continue to emerge in the marketplace, they will change the way you look at laundry. This means great savings for you: save 36% on water, save 60% on your energy use in two ways. First, since horizontal-axis washers use less water, that means less energy is needed to heat the water. And the higher spin cycle extracts more water, which means less time in the dryer.


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