Find out how much you can save by simply adjusting your thermostat. Begin by answering the following about your home.
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What best describes your home?    
Detached single familyTownhouse
 Semi-detached duplexApartment/condo
 MultifamilyMobile home
How many levels does your home have,   
excluding basement and unfinished attic?   
How old is your home in years?   
Up to 11 years12-1617-21
 22-3132-41Over 42
Excluding bathrooms and hallways, how    
many rooms are in your house?   
How would you describe the size of your rooms?
Above averageAverageBelow average
Here is our estimate of the size of your   
home based on your previous answers.   
If this is not accurate, you can change it here.   
 sq. ft.
How do you cool your home?   
Central A/CRoom A/C (window units)None
What is the fuel used in your   
primary heating system?   
What best describes your   
heating system?   
Baseboard/ResistanceForced air furnace
 Air source heat pumpGround source heat pump
 Water boilerSteam boiler
 Wood heating system
Do you have programmable thermostats?
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