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How can I make sure the power is really green?

As a consumer, you may be concerned about how to identify real green power products. As the utility industry begins to restructure, numerous suppliers label their product mix 'green.' Since no clear definition exists for green power, environmentalists are concerned that consumers will receive inaccurate or fraudulent information. In California, suppliers are now required to label their power to inform consumers which energy resources are used to generate power. As a consumer, verify with your electricity supplier what energy resources are being used. If the supplier will not provide this information, then be cautious about the validity of the claim that the product is green. label

Energy Resources: A list of the various energy resources used to generate electricity is provided for consumers. The energy resources are categorized as eligible renewable and non-renewable resources.

Product: The electric service provider is required to provide a percentage breakdown the power by energy resource for each offer. In the example, 55 percent comes from renewable resources. The actual resource mix is not provided in this example, however, if you purchased this product the electric service provider would be required to provide the detailed information at the end of the year.

California Power Mix: The information in this column is provided for California residents as a comparison for evaluating the various electricity products.


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